Dan Hughes Celebration is Tomorrow


The family of former Fort Myers Beach Mayor Dan Hughes is holding a memorial service at the Mound House tomorrow afternoon at 12:30. Hughes passed away in July of 2021 at the age of 91. If you plan to attend RSVP HERE.

Dan Hughes was appointed by the town council back in 1998 after the resignation of another council member. He ran for office and was elected to the council in 2000. He served as Mayor and Vice Mayor. He was also a charter member to the Town’s Local Planning Agency where he served for over two years, during which the town’s comprehensive plan was drafted, something Dan was very proud of.

Dan was a big part of the early days of incorporation of Fort Myers Beach. And nearly up until the day he passed, he was still serving on the Local Planning Agency and Audit Committee.

Dan Hughes on Beach Talk Radio. August 2020

Dan was also Mayor when the town purchased the Mound House, another project he was extremely proud to have a hand in, although he gave credit to many others, which he did quite frequently.

There’s a room at the Mound House dedicated to Dan and his wife Ann.

Hughes appeared on our Saturday morning program several times over the last four years.



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