Debris Removal Deadline Announced


The Town has been notified by debris contractors with Florida’s Division of Emergency Management that the free curbside debris removal service that has been operating since Hurricane Ian will end on March 29.

What this means for property owners is that March 1 is the last day that they can push debris off their property curbside to be picked up for free. The debris that is curbside by March 1 will be picked up sometime before March 29.

PLEASE NOTE: This deadline DOES NOT apply for private property owners who have signed up for private property debris removal through Sign ups are still being accepted for this service. A deadline has not yet been set but will be considered if the need arises.


  1. What about those property owners that have not or in two cases refuse to clean up their properties? The 7-Eleven and the 2-story condo across Driftwood from the 7-Eleven have both cleaned the insides, but the outside properties are still a mess! There’s something rotting behind the 7-Eleven and the condo has numerous hazards all around the yard. These owners should be notified to clean up before March 29th or they will be charged for the clean-up. This is eventually going to become a health hazard once the summer heat gets worse.


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