Deputies Catch Pancake Thief


This past weekend, 25-year old Cape Coral man Johan Jabour decided he didn’t want to pay his $34.00 bill at the Island Pancake House in the Sea Grape Plaza. After he tried to pull a fast one on employees, at the restaurant by telling them he left his wallet in the car, Lee County Deputies were called and the chase was on.

A short time later Jabour was found at The Lani Kai. As deupties tried to cuff him he escaped and started running. A witness spotted the man by Diamond Head and called it in. Eventually the pancake thief was caught on a residential street and taken to jail.

That $34.00 has turned into a much larger financial problem for Jabour. His bond was set at $5,000. He’s facing two charges; Fraud/Swindle for attempting to defraud the Pancake House and resisting arrest. A court date has been set for September 9.


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