DeSantis Continues Local Government Overreach Pushback


On Wednesday Governor Ron DeSantis expanded on his action taken in May to protect Floridians from local government overreach related to COVID-19 restrictions. He proposed a statewide grant of full pardons of both civil and criminal penalties to individuals or businesses punished for breaking “unscientific, unnecessary directives.”

Former gym owners Mike and Jillian Carnevale are examples of Floridians who have faced criminal penalties, including possible jail time, for not complying with local mask mandates at their former business in Broward County.

“Floridians like Mike and Jillian Carnevale should have never faced criminal charges for not requiring masks in their businesses,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “Today, we took action in Florida to reject the overreach of local authorities through unnecessary and unscientific mask mandates. No business should face economic ruin and be punished for alleged violations of local orders that are unreasonably restrictive of rights and liberties.”
To watch the Carnevales’ appearance at today’s clemency hearing, click the video below or click here.

Executive Order 21-132 grants a full pardon for all non-violent offenses related to local government COVID-19 restrictions. Executive Order 21-133 again remits all fines related to local government COVID-19 restrictions. Governor DeSantis has consistently championed freedom and prevented local government intrusion: