Diamondhead Staff Thwarts Credit Card Scammers


Thieves apparently tried to pull a fast one on the staff at Diamonhead resort last week. Many of you noticed a swarm of Lee County Sheriff’s Deputies near Hoosier’s on November 23rd that snarled traffic and had the coconut telegraph abuzz about what might be going on.

LCSO reports that the staff at Diamondhead became aware that a guest had used a credit card that he did not own to check in. The man’s first attempt to check in using a credit card was declined. When he used a second card it was approved. Apparently the actual owner of the card saw the charge and called the hotel to report the unlawful charge on his card.

Resort staff confronted the people in the room that was charged to the card who then grabbed their belongings and took off. When deputies arrived, they began searching the area and located several subjects who matched the description given by hotel staff. Others involved in the alleged fraud were not found, including the man deputies say used the credit card fraudulently.

Hotel staff is reviewing security footage to help LCSO’s Economic Crimes Unit.

Hotel management estimates they lost $1,000 due to the use of the credit card that did not belong to those that tried to use the card illegally.

According to the LCSO report 15 officers responded to the scene when the call came in. The report did not say any arrests were made.

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