Do You Own an Electric Vehicle?


If you do, you may soon be able to charge that vehicle in a prime Fort Myers Beach parking spot. The town is considering a partnership with FPL to convert four regular parking spots, into spots for electric vehicle only, behind WINDS in the Times Square area.

By going with a plan to work with FPL, the town would continue to get its $5.00 per hour for the spots and FPL would sell the electricity to the drivers.

FPL is partnering with businesses and communities all across Florida to get the chargers installed.

The FPL charging network is a series of fast chargers capable of powering up most batteries – including Teslas with an adaptor – in about 30 minutes. The fast-charging stations are located approximately every 50 miles along an 800-mile stretch of Florida’s major highways and corridors.

FPL also offers an app so electric car owners can locate the nearest FPL Evolution charging station.


  1. While I understand that there are relatively few electric cars around these days yet, in a high traffic area, where do other cars go when they are ‘waiting in line’ to get to an open pump? How does that impact already congested traffic in the area? We’re all concerned about the footprint of the new traffic from the bridge, isn’t this right at the bottom? Has this been coordinated with the rest of the traffic flow issues ?

  2. Doesn’t it take up to 8 hours to fully charge an electric car? Ch-Ching, that’ll be $40 plus the charge for electricity — Drive though please!


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