Donalds Blames High Gas Prices on Biden


Florida gas prices averaged $4.89 per gallon on Sunday. The state average set another record high after increasing 17 cents per gallon during the past week. Florida gas prices are now 65% more expensive than a year ago.

On average it costs $72 to fill an average-sized 15-gallon tank of gas. That’s $28 more than what drivers paid this time last year. Although the state average remains slightly below $5 a gallon, drivers in South Florida are already beginning to see regular unleaded prices above $5.

Florida Congressman Byron Donalds says the Biden administration is directly to blame for the out-of-control gas prices. “President Biden’s refusal to unleash America’s energy industry is crippling our economy and financially straining Floridians. President Biden’s inability to lead our nation to economic prosperity has the White House blaming Vladimir Putin for our nation’s energy crises—however, the American people know the truth. The blame for the gas price hike is due to none other than President Biden and his radical agenda.”

Here’s a chart provided by Triple A from this past weekend detailing the price of gas in our area and highlighting that we’ve hit a new record high.

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