Donalds Calls Biden Gas Tax Holiday a Gimmick


Florida residents are not too happy they have to pay $5.00 for a gallon of gasoline. President Biden has been getting the blame for those high prices. Florida Congressman Byron Donalds is not a fan of how Biden is trying to attack those high prices.

Biden is calling for a three-month suspension of the federal gas tax in an attempt to take a bite out of the rising gas prices. Here’s what Donalds said about that idea. “President Biden should listen to his former boss, President Obama, who said it best, calling the proposed 2008 gas tax holiday a ‘gimmick.’ The only suspension we need right now is a suspension of Biden’s assault on American energy independence and dominance. Biden has sold out our once-booming energy sector to the Green New Deal leftists, and as a result, lower and middle-income families and seniors on fixed incomes are paying the price. Whether Democrats like it or not, our nation relies heavily on oil and natural gas. Snatching the rug out from under this industry without a plan has caused record prices for gas and diesel and a ripple effect impacting our entire economy.

“The proposed gas tax lull is nothing more than a sugar high that will do more harm than good, increasing demand on an already strained market and irresponsibly reallocating billions of dollars for public goods like roads. Now is the time to roll back every radical environmental, energy, and economic policy of this administration that has hamstrung refinery capabilities, production, and transportation of gas and oil, and return to the energy dominance of the Trump administration.”


  1. What a joke?
    The MAIN reason we currently have inflation is that petroleum is needed to get ur goods to ur grocery store, big box everything, ur new or used car or what ever. Our clueless POTUS, family and friends borrowed to flooded the country with give away money last year. Today they’re going to stall inflation with higher interest rates! Recession here we come.
    It is mostly about the petroleum.
    $21.00 for travel? Not hardly.

  2. Do the math. The average driver based on 15k miles per year. Will save about 21.00 over this period. What a joke. That should put america back in track.


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