Donalds Calls Trump Raid a Political Witch Hunt


U.S. Congressman Byron Donalds, who represents Florida’s 19th district which includes Fort Myers Beach, has issued a statement regarding the raid by the FBI at the home of former President Donald Trump. Here’s what Donalds had to say…

“Last week, our nation experienced something we never have, and I hope never will ever have to experience again: the politicization and rank intimidation of a former president, a private citizen, and a potential 2024 presidential candidate by Biden’s Department of Justice. Like many of you, I am still trying to wrap my head around what not only the United States witnessed but the world. For more than six years, the Democrats, mainstream media, Big Tech, Hollywood, and our intelligence agencies have made it their mission to take down Donald Trump, and last week their final hail mary went into effect.

“Political witch hunts plagued the majority of President Trump’s term by the DOJ, FBI, and the media that added fuel to the never-ending fire of falsehoods. Despite these constant headwinds, the Trump administration saw historic achievements that put American First and improved the lives of every American. Sadly, even as the former president has entered private life, their efforts to destroy him haven’t ended. President Trump famously says that in reality, they’re not after him; they’re after you. He’s just in the way. This point cannot be more underscored. Regardless of their political party, every American should be highly concerned about the drastic, flamboyant, and unprecedented step the FBI took against a former president.

“According to multiple reports, the predicate of this obscene raid (not search), a raid, was Trump’s so-call possession of “top secret nuclear information.” Based on this widely shared opinion, the American people are supposed to believe that this material was so sensitive that the FBI waited nearly two years to engage the National Archives to get these materials. None of this makes sense, there are more questions than answers, and right now, this reeks of political retribution and the worst abuse of power we’ve seen in modern history.

“Most Americans have lost faith in our federal law enforcement, and the politically charged raid on Mara-a-Lago further contributes to this lack of trust. As millions across the nation struggle to fill their tank, their paychecks buy half of what they need at the store, and daily expenses continue to skyrocket, it seems more and more that the government isn’t working for the people. As your Congressman, I will stand up to this dangerous and tyrannical move by Biden’s Department of Justice. I will also continue to oppose the Democrat’s terrible agenda that has led to historic inflation and economic chaos.”

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