Donalds: “I’m The Best For The Job”


Florida House Rep. Byron Donalds announced this week that he was officially running for the House GOP Conference Chair, New York Republican Elise Stefanik is the current chair and is also running the position.

Stefanik first took on the role after the Republicans pushed out Liz Cheney because of her opposition to former President Donald Trump.

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told reporters this week, “I don’t think it’ll be a race. Elise has done an excellent job and will continue to be Conference Chair.”

Donalds said, “As one of the most prominent voices of the House GOP agenda, I’m the best candidate to lead an effective communications strategy should Republicans take back the House. In the weeks and months ahead, we must focus on sending Speaker Pelosi packing by electing a wave of America First candidates. I look forward to earning the support of my colleagues for the Chairmanship of the House GOP Conference in the 118th Congress.”


  1. America First is just a PR tagline, don’t believe anything he says! Ask him what have they done for us the voters. Not one bill in six years for the average citizen. The rich got all the attention and we got taxed to pay for that attention. If your not a 1% you have been taken for that ride !

    • Typically only bills submitted by the majority party make it to committee. The exception is if the bill is co-signed by both parties. The other way is if the same bill is revised and introduced by the majority party. Then even if it gets to committee it may not get to the floor for a vote.

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