Donalds Lashes Out at FEMA


In his weekly roundup to constituents, Florida Congressman Byron Donalds wasn’t real happy to learn that FEMA would be taking back its trailers from residents in August. Many Fort Myers Beach residents got the runaround from FEMA when it came to the trailers. Some were approved for trailers only to be told by another FEMA rep that being that they lived in a flood zone they wouldn’t be getting the trailer after all.

Here’s what Donalds had to say…

Donalds, who represents Southwest Florida in the House of Representatives said it’s ridiculous that FEMA will be confiscating trailers in August from individuals who received emergency housing in the wake of Hurricane Ian. “We have been progressively rebuilding our community for the past seven months and now an artificial federal deadline has been imposed that will directly harm the most vulnerable people in our region. It’s 2023. We have the National Hurricane Center, we have all this technology, but then you’re going tell people trying to rebuild that they can’t keep a trailer on their property. It simply makes no sense. I am proud to stand up for the people of our region against the unending bureaucratic mess that has been FEMA’s response to Hurricane Ian.”

The statement from Donalds did not list anything specific that he might plan to do to extend the August deadline.


  1. Thank you CongressMAN Donalds for all the hard work you have put into this disaster.
    Without your help and oversite of FEMA, we would still be seeking shelter while we try and rebuilt our lives and homes.
    Yes, an August move out date would be to early as we all still need more time to recover.
    Thank you for standing up for ALL the people of our region against the unending bureaucratic mess that has been FEMA’s response to Hurricane Ian.

    • A huge contradiction Mr. Prigun.
      You thank him for his “oversight” of FEMA and then accuse it of an “unending bureaucratic mess.”
      If he had oversight, as you seem to believe, wouldn’t the “unending bureaucratic mess” be on him?

  2. So, Donalds is proud to “stand up” for the people of this region. And that means what Byron?
    What exactly have you done for the people of Fort Myers Beach during this catastrophe? FEMA has put boots on the ground and money in the kitty in at less an honest effort t o help.
    Where have your boots been Byron? When have your shirtsleves ever been rolled up in an effort to find ways of easing the pain and searching for greater resources like money and manpower?
    If railing at FEMA is all you have to offer please sit back down.

  3. if I recall correctly Punta Gorda had “FEMA City” for two, maybe three years after Charlie hit (2004). Why is this different

  4. Which trailers?

    I thought FEMA allowed only their travel trailers on FMB since it’s a SFHA, not their more common “mobile home” style trailers.

    Clarification needed whether it is in fact the travel trailers FEMA is supposedly taking back.

    People also should check the paperwork they signed when they received the trailer.


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