Dr. Bennett Hosting Mold Event Next Month


Dr. Nicole Bennett (pictured), who once shared a Fort Myers Beach location with dentist Nancy Bouchard before their building was destroyed by Hurricane Ian, is hosting an event next month about the toxic effects mold can have on your health.

As a result of Hurricane Ian everyone who was cleaning up their homes was subject to mold exposure. Mold was prevalent everywhere and may still be growing in your homes.
Bennett says “Inhalation of mold spores and their subsequent release of toxins within the body can create serious health issues. Take proactive steps toward better health and discover if your symptoms are mold related.

Her are the signs and symptoms of mold toxicity. Bennett says patients presenting 3 or more should be considered for mold testing:

Fatigue, Focus/Concentration Issues, Weakness, Word Recollection Issues, Aches, Decreased Learning of New Knowledge, Muscle Cramps, Confusion, Unusual Pain, Disorientation, Ice Pick Pain, Skin Sensitivity, Headache, Mood Swings, Light Sensitivity, Appetite Swings, Red Eyes, Sweats (especially night sweats), Blurred Vision, Temperature Regulation/Dysregulation, Problems Tearing, Excessive Thirst, Sinus Problems, Increased Urination, Cough, Static Shocks, Shortness of Breath, Numbness, Abdominal Pain, Tingling, Diarrhea, Vertigo, Joint Pain, Metallic Taste, Morning Stiffness, Tremors, Memory Issues.

The presentation is Tuesday, November 7th at 6pm at the new Bennett Chiropractic building at 3725 Bonita Beach Rd (Suite 4) in Bonita Springs. If you plan on attending, please RSVP to Dr. Bennett at (239)-763-1288 or DrBennett@Bennett-Chiropractic.com



  1. Those lists of symptoms are interesting. The CDC Mayo Clinic, Cleveland clinic, WebMD… All of them….Only list sinus related issues as symptoms in people who have a mold allergy. There isn’t scientific evidence that mold causes those serious issues, but plenty of people think that they do.


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