Elections Office Sends Notices Out 


To ensure every eligible voter has the opportunity to participate in the upcoming elections, the Lee County Supervisor of Elections office mailed Vote-by-Mail and Early Voting informational notices to approximately 348,000 Lee County voters on Monday, June 17.

The notice was mailed to voters without a Vote-by-Mail Request on file for the 2024 Primary or General Elections. Its purpose is to engage and inform them of alternatives to traditional Election Day voting.

The notice contains essential information about the upcoming elections. This includes key election dates and deadlines, instructions for requesting a mail ballot and Early Voting dates, times, and locations.

“Voting before Election Day offers voters the opportunity to save considerable time,” says Supervisor of Elections Tommy Doyle. “It’s important that voters are aware of the different methods of voting available that can make the process of casting their vote more convenient for them. We remain dedicated to empowering voters and want to encourage more people to take an active part in voting.”


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