February 20 is Important Deadline For Voters


The Lee County Elections Office says that the deadline to register to vote or for registered voters to update their party affiliation for the upcoming Presidential Preference Primary is Tuesday, February 20. The PPP is March 19th. Registration and party affiliation changes must be made 29 days before an election.

Any Florida resident eligible to vote or already registered to vote in Florida may use the Online Voter Registration (OVR) form to submit an application or update an existing registration. Individuals can also complete a Florida Voter Registration Application, which is available at all Lee County Elections offices. The application can be mailed or hand-delivered to the Supervisor of Elections.

Eligible individuals will need a Florida driver’s license, state identification (ID) card or the last four digits of their social security number to complete a Florida Voter Registration Application.

Florida’s PPP is a closed primary election where voters cast their vote for the candidate they would prefer to represent their party in the November presidential election. This year, the Presidential Preference Primary is solely a Republican Primary. Only voters registered with the Republican Party are eligible to participate.


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