FEMA Gives Fort Myers Beach Another 30 Days


Late last week both Fort Myers Beach and Lee County announced that FEMA has given both municipalities another 30 days (60 total now) to try to save the 25% National Flood Insurance Program discount. Town Manager Andy Hyatt and town staff have been meeting with FEMA representatives to try to get the organization all the paperwork FEMA is requesting to try to save the discount. Mayor Dan Allers has said losing the 25% insurance discount will cost Fort Myers Beach property owners millions of dollars.

FEMA claims Fort Myers Beach, Cape Coal, Bonita Springs, Estero and unincorporated Lee County allowed property owners to perform work on their homes without permits and didn’t pay enough attention to FEMA’s 50% rule. All 5 municipalities say FEMA blindsided them with their insurance downgrade and all 5 municipalities claim they’ve provided FEMA with everything they asked for since Hurricane Ian.

June 10th is the new deadline.

Fort Myers Beach went from a 5 rating which offers residents a 25% discount to a 10 rating with is a zero discount.

The communication between FEMA and the town appears to be a lot better than it was when the downgrade was first announced. Fort Myers Beach Operations Manager Frankie Kropacek said a FEMA rep told him on the phone he did not have to answer any of the town’s questions. Now FEMA has assigned staff members to work with the town to try to get this issue resolved.

The town is providing FEMA with documentation reflecting the town’s records of site work review, including but not limited  to: violations for unpermitted work, stop work orders, complaint code cases, processed  renovation permits, documents demonstrating work was that was completed on houses which  were not substantially damaged, documents proving there was substantial damage and the  demolition permits were needed.




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