FEMA Tackles Tough Housing Questions on BTR


The deputy federal coordinating officer for FEMA’s mobile unit program Robert Hogal appeared on Beach Talk Radio this past Saturday at Wahoo Willie’s. Hogal answeredd our questions about FEMA trailers and took some tough questions from the live audience. Watch the interview HERE.



  1. To Gayle,
    The FEMA assistance is for a primary residence only. If someone owns two homes the 2nd home does not disqualify them. The 2nd home being their primary residence is the reason they would be disqualified. I would question that story based on the fact they said a check was mailed. The FEMA money has been sent direct deposit.

    The federal government has a duplication of benefits clause. The FEMA will request all documentation for personal insurance and condominium insurance policies. That amount will be deducted before FEMA provides monetary assistance. They will not duplicate assistance received from another source. If someone with insurance is not receiving assistance that means they have not yet submitted the insurance payout to FEMA or they received in excess of $37,000. The same thing with condominium owners. If they have not received assistance that means they have not yet submitted documentation showing repairs covered by their association insurance or they have received in excess of $37,000 in repairs.

  2. I have cried buckets of tears over FEMA withdrawing my claims. I have submitted everything they have requested, and then told I received the wrong information. I have been on the phone many hours with them trying to get clarification on what I need to move forward. The rumor is persons with secondary homes will not receive FEMA funds. There is an island resident who has received FEMA payment. THe check was forwarded to their secondary home. I have been told no condo owner will receive FEMA funds. I have a friend on the island who is in a condo (with a secondary home no less) that has received funds. WTH is going on??? I have been told if you have insurance you will not get FEMA funds. Go figure there are properties on the island that have received significant FEMA funds because they chose NOT to carry insurance. This is butt backward IMHO.

  3. I was approved on Oct 27 for a 3/ Fema trailer and filled out all the paperwork, my property manager filled out the requested paperwork as did the owner of the home we lived. I keep getting yes, approved waiting on location then they called and said I needed flood insurance on the structure! what structure? “the trailer” Where is it? ” we arent sure, you need to have the insurance within 6 months” How? “Let me transfer you” Person # 2 told me to check my communication which I did and there is nothing there!”

  4. Hundreds of trailers were used after Katrina and all in a flood plane. Somebody’s messed up. 90 days people should have had trailers months ago.

  5. We sent them every document they requested and just received a letter saying our case is closed because of missing tax returns etc., which we gave them access too.
    FEMA is a mess.

  6. I was told by FEMA housing division that I was approved for trailer and the flood restrictions were changed so we would be definitely getting a trailer. This was directly from the FEMA representative on the phone the week before Christmas. This is absolutely cruel if it is not true. We are basing decisions on what we are told and being lied to by our own government officials is disappointing and heartbreaking.


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