Fire Department To The Rescue


Whether its people from fires, cats from trees, or … ducklings from the drain, your Fort Myers Beach Fire Department is at your service. On Monday the fire department was called to a scene that could have ended ugly (sorry about that) for 8 ducklings.

The 8 ducklings waddled their way right into the middle of Estero Boulevard and right into the drain in the center of the road.

Once rescued by the Fort Myers Beach firefighters on duty, they were transported to C.R.O.W. on Sanibel by the Lee County Sheriff’s Department where they will be nursed back to health before being released back into the wild.

Fire Chief Ron Martin tells us there have been a few other calls made throughout Lee County to rescue ducklings.

He also said his team has even rescued birds from trees with fishing line wrapped around them.


  1. Next On the towns list of projects. Storm drain covers. Pays for study at 200k. Results in nothing done. Sound familiar? Lights, drains, tint, no tint, walkover, crosswalks, mooring field. List goes on. But who’s paying attention to those minor things. Hmm. Anyway, great work by the real heroes our firemen and women. Thank you for always responding.

  2. Kuddos to the FMB fire department for saving these little guys:) How sweet and it goes to show there are still good hearted people out there!


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