FMB Chamber Board ‘Highly Concerned”


At the Monday morning town council meeting, Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce President Jacki Liszak read a letter from the Chamber Board which, without actually coming out and using their name, tok aim at The Lani Kai.

A number of residents have researched how many Sheriff and Fire Department calls have been made to The Lani Kai over the past several years. For years, calls to the Lani Kai have far outnumber all other businesses on Fort Myers Beach. With the murder last month, it’s clear beach residents and business owners are clearly ready for the town to take some sort of action. What can actually be done, at this point, is still a big question mark.

Here’s the full letter from the Chamber read into the record by Liszak Monday.

The Chamber has been supporting and working with all of the beach businesses and residents and is highly concerned with the ongoing police required incidents on the island. The Chamber and its members pride themselves on providing a safe, family-friendly destination for both residents and guests and this type of activity is not only detrimental to our island image but ultimately dangerous for our community.

The Chamber works with all businesses, whether or not they are members, to help increase awareness, enhance safety precautions and report issues that endanger the community. The safety of the residents and guests is of utmost concern.

The Chamber supports and stands behind the Town Council and any direction they feel the community needs to take, whether that is increased policing, the establishment of a nuisance abatement board or a community action group. Bold, strong policies need to be implemented to create and sustain an environment of wellbeing, safety, security and peace of mind on the island.

The Chamber has been actively involved with and supports the establishment of a Lee County Sheriff Community Outreach Center on the island.  The Sheriff’s intuitive; CRU (Community Response Unit) will be located in our new Outreach Center and will be available to serve our community.

The Chamber Board thanks the Sheriff and all of the businesses and individuals who have donated to and/or have had a hand in establishing the new Community Response Unit on the island.  It is evident in this effort that when a community works together, great things can be achieved very quickly. We look forward to welcoming the Sheriff’s staff to our island community and are confident that their strong presence will result in achieving our goals in a reduction of unwarranted, unlawful behavior.

The Chamber will continue to monitor and collaborate with the community on all future efforts that will bring additional safety and security measures to our island. We stand at the ready to provide whatever assistance is needed to ensure our community a safe place to live, work and play.”

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