FMB Has 7 Disorientations Already


That’s not a record to be proud of, being that the 2021 season ended with 5. The 2022 turtle season has another two months to go.

Despite the town increasing its turtle ordinance enforcement. Despite town staff handing out turtle friendly flashlights to visitors who use bright white flashlights. And, despite town staff saying the beach has been darker than its been for years, there have already been 2 more disorientations than all of last season.

The latest disorientation that had the beach buzzing occurred on August 5th. Turtle hatchlings disoriented toward the Sanibel View Villa (140 Estero), Capitiva Villas (190 Estero) and the White Sands Villa (200 Estero) also known as The Pink Shell Resort.
Hatchlings were reported in the Pink Shell pool and on Estero Boulevard.

Both interior and exterior lights were the culprit, according to an FWC disorientation report filed with the town. Hatchlings disoriented toward all three buildings.

4 dead hatchlings were found, including one in the street. One live hatchling was found in the pool and another live hatchling was found the next day in the Sanibel View Villa parking lot, according to the report filed.

A total of 50 hatchlings were disoriented. Some did reach the water.

The Pink Shell is in the process of voluntarily converting its windows to 15% tint.

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