Fort Myers Beach Arches Needs Your Help


The Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches is still in need of donations as it works toward the construction of a section of the classic arches planned for Fort Myers Beach. The organization says they were getting close to their goal before Ian hit.

Volunteers with the Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches organization are now asking visitors to finish their fundraising job and get them over the finish line. “Our residents are in no position to help. In a post Ian Fort Myers Beach, it’s more important than ever to save our history and recognize the past.”

So far $75,700 has been raised. The goal is $113,814. The group needs $90,000 for construction by Lee County, $20,000 to get the original stone cut and prepared and $3,792 for interpretive signs.

The group is selling bricks which will be part of the reconstruction. Lee County has agreed to install a smaller version of the original arches on the beach at Bowditch Park as long as enough money is raised to cover all the costs.

Lee County did their own cost analysis for the project and their number was $125,000: $90,000 for the construction, $20,000 to get the stones cut, $7,000 for signage, and $8,000 for the etched bricks.

You can donate a brick HERE. There are 355 bricks left to sell. The stones will be cut in May or June by John Robinson and Accu-Cut Concrete Services.