Fort Myers Beach Pier Update


Many beach residents and visitors often ask when the pier might be rebuilt? The Fort Myers Beach pier was totally destroyed in the storm on September 28th with massive pieces of the pier completely wiped out.

The bait and tackle store in the middle of the pier was also gone once the storm clouds cleared.

Lee County owns the pier so it has to be considered with so many of the other projects the county is working on. Here’s the latest update on the pier we received from Lee County today: “Preliminary internal discussions have occurred. Rebuilding will be a long process that will involve public comment. Lee County has nothing to share with the media or the public at this time.” 



  1. Lee county needs to look at the big picture, this beach brings a lot of tourism. It can’t look like a disaster area, why do you need public comment just build it back.

  2. It’s been almost 8 months since Ian … time to stop having coffee breaks and get the pier fixed!! There absolutely no reason they have to debate this!!

  3. It’s a draw for tourists at the beach, and should be addressed. You want tourists to come back to the beach. Very poor response from Lee County.

  4. I agree with all of you, But they could have shown a little more concern and given us some Hope by pointing out a plan for reconstruction.

  5. That was a non response from Lee County. It required no thought. They need to do better. Yes, it’s not a priority at this point, but it should be addressed.

  6. There are so many other things that must be addressed first. We all love the pier….it was iconic. But it might be further down the list of rebuilding.


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