Fort Myers Beach Water Gets Clean Marks


The Calusa Waterkeeper has released results from water sampling the organization completed all over Southwest, Florida this past weekend. The report included samples the Florida Department of Health took Monday on Fort Myers Beach.

As you can see from the map below, testing on Fort Myers Beach resulted in low levels of bacteria in the water. That may come as a bit of a surprise to many people knowing how much debris still remains in the waters that surround the barrier island. But it’s good news nonetheless.

Fecal Indicator bacteria are representative of a suite of bacteria from the digestive tract of mammals, and often come from sources such as inadequately treated wastewater, leaking septic tanks, stormwater runoff, pet waste, livestock, and wildlife. There are many other concerns with water quality that are┬ánot┬árepresented in the map, including vibrio, red tide, blue green algae, and hurricane debris in the water, to name a few. Around Fort Myers Beach it’s believed there is still a lot of debris in the water.

Health officials have advised people to use common sense when at the beach, and deciding whether or not to go in the water, especially if you have an open cut.