Get a Look at The New Fire House Design


The Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District will be showing off the new design for the fire station that will eventually be located at 2545 Estero Boulevard. Residents can get a look by stopping by DiamondHead Resort this Wednesday between 2PM and 5PM.

The Fire District purchased the former Topps Supermarket property in early 2019 for $4 million hoping to build a new state-of-the-art facility and headquarters on that property by 2024. Hurricane Ian changed everything. The plan now is to build a smaller fire station on the front piece of the property with a groundbreaking goal of October of this year and a ribbon cutting at the end of 2025.

The back half of the Topps lot will be used as a construction site while the new station is being built. When construction ends, the back portion will be sold. The back portion of the property was recently appraised at $5.7 million.

The design team will be at the meeting on the 19th to answer questions and light refreshments will be served.


  1. I think the town of ft Myers is underfunded. I certainly think our library is overfunded and still can’t get open. But anyone who lives on the beach knows how many times our fire department goes to an emergency. You hear the sirens all day long in season. Now maybe there could be an administrative change but certainly we need a fire house on the beach.

  2. Totally agree with using prime real estate for recovery of lost revenues for Island and not a pretty new firehouse. Come on what is the council thinking about when approving projects, this should be on the backside of that lot. Wasteful spending

  3. FMBFD should not even exist, and it’s incredible that it does, a relic of the past. It should have long ago been amalgamated with the Fort Myers FD. That would eliminate some 45 administrative positions alone, with tremendous savings, along with the chief, deputy chiefs, etc. Now they claim they need a new building on a prime lot on Main St, for a training facility and boat. Can they not use the Fort Myers training facility and their boat if one is ever needed? Someone needs to put an end to the tremendous waste once and for all.

    • Thank you for taking an interest in the fire District. As your fire chief, it’s important to me that those who take the time to pay attention to how local government is operating, be provided all the information they wish to have. I would truly appreciate the opportunity to share with you our operations and finances in whatever depth you would like.

      Scott Wirth – Fire Chief
      100 Voorhis St.
      My direct number is: (239) 349-0358

  4. It is true, the Fire Dept doesn’t have to be like facing Estero Blvd like a store front or a nice 3 story condo that would bring more real state taxes to the beach.
    Why couldn’t the Fire Dept be together (on the same property) than City Hall or the Library for example.
    At the end of the day the most important question is WHICH PROPERTY IS GOING TO COLLECT MORE TAXES FOR THE CITY of FMB.

  5. Seems more practical to sell off the more valuable property facing Estero Blvd. and build the fire station in the back which I would prefer. Nice building design though.

  6. Mary, what is your reason to say” the Board is trying to outsource our much needed fire…”? That is a false statement not based in reality. Ever been to a meeting or watch it on utube? This board is committed to FMB, come to diamond head on Wednesday

  7. Just get it done. Way over due. So much for the Board trying to out source our much needed fire and rescue services.


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