Gore To Town Council: “That’s Crap”


Former Mayor Tracey Gore is upset that the current town council is allowing people who have “never set foot on our island” fill out the public safety survey the public safety committee started circulating last week. “That’s crap,” she wrote to the council in an e-mail.

Clearly indicating she has no concern for the safety of snowbirds or tourists who come to Fort Myers Beach and spend buckets of money, Gore said, “the citizens of the town are the only ones you are accountable too. The reason we incorporated is so the citizens would have control, not anyone who has internet access.”

The one-term council member goes on to write that the “questions in the survey are issues that have been discussed at length with several councils and says the problem is no follow through.” She fails to mention that she was on the council from 2016-2020 and takes no blame for the lack of follow through.

She says “the survey is unrealistic and only going to push special interests – its so obvious.”

In a follow-up e-mail to Councilman Jim Atterholt, Gore says the questions in the survey are forcing her to “pick an answer closest to our thoughts.”

Then she got in a jab at the proposed Myerside resort upgrade, which she opposes. “You are currently looking at turning a bunch of houses on School street that used to be affordable housing into a bar/motel next to the school.” They used to be crack houses, that’s what they used to be. Gore left that part out.

And her parting, rambling, shots…”Henry and I were recently honored to be invited to Mar-A-Lago to hear Trump speak … he understands wasteful government spending and doing things like this survey that just holds things up and gets nothing accomplished. I realize that none of you want to be criticized on the front page by the owner of the paper like I was all the time, but at least Joanne Shamp, Summer Stockton and I were not afraid to stand up for the people who choose to live here. And the liberal media who were here just to twist everything I said left when I did, so no worries there for you.”

Your former Mayor ladies and gentleman.

And you haven’t filled out your public safety survey you can do so HERE. And try not to pick the answer closest to your thoughts.


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