Hamman Announces 2022 Run For County Board


Even though Fort Myers Beach is “represented” by Ray Sandelli, Lee County Board seats are elected “at large.” That means we all vote for every seat up for election. Brian Hamman has just announced he’s running for a third term and we hope you’ll consider supporting him.

Here”s the letter Hamman sent out to voters on Tuesday.

Dear Friends,

Your freedom matters to me. Power hungry politicians and bureaucrats from Washington DC want to use local government as a tool to take away your rights. I won’t let that happen. As chairman of the county commission during the COVID-19 emergency, we kept Lee County open. We denied local shutdowns and mask mandates. We understood that you, not the government, can make the best decisions for your personal health.

For eight years, you’ve trusted me. Today, I am asking you to join me again as I announce my campaign for re-election. My priorities are God, family, and country. I believe in smaller government, less taxes and more individual liberty. These principles have guided my decisions whether faced with a hurricane, water crisis or global pandemic.

I have always put your interests ahead of my own. I led the charge to term limit county commissioners, and I refunded campaign contributions when no one ran against me four years ago. I’ll never forget the promises I made to you to support job growthkeep taxes low and cut wasteful government spending.

Today, from Cape Coral to Bonita Springs; from Pine Island to Lehigh Acres and everywhere in between there is a job available for everyone who wants one. We lowered your property tax rate and balanced the budget.

We have a lot of work left to do over the next 4 years. I’ll continue pushing back against mandates from an over-reaching Federal Government, keeping your taxes low, using your money wisely and making Lee County the best place to live, work, and raise a family.

If you share these values, please join us at our campaign kickoff and consider donating to Team Hamman. Serving you has been a true privilege. I’d be honored to have your support again.





A fundraiser is being held on December 9th from 5:30 to 7:30PM at The Club at Pelican Preserve. RSVP is you plan to go to terry@votehamman.com