Here’s The Fire Chief’s Letter


On Tuesday we told you about how Councilman Dan Allers has the support of Fire Chief Ron Martin in his effort to work with Lee County to install a flashing light at the intersection of Lenell Road and Estero Boulevard. Here’s the chief’s official letter of support.

In the letter, Martin points out that about 12 years ago the stretch of Estero Boulevard from the Wyndham to Bay Beach Lane was plagued by 1-3 deaths every year. Even though the Boulevard has been completely redone and the addition of shielded lighting and illuminated crosswalks have cut down on the fatalities, Martin says that intersection remains dangerous.

Here’s Chief Martin’s letter:


  1. Once again, why are we taking about one crosswalk? Very crosswalk should have flashing lights. Not just one. Each and every crosswalk. This is as bad as the lighting issue. When does the town and county put human lives first instead of a damn turtle.

  2. Doesn’t Lee County need to lead this initiative? This needs to happen.

    It is a dangerous area!

  3. I do not know why this is so difficult. Stand at CVS and watch the traffic from Santini, the fire station , the convenient store and gas station, the turn into a big condo development and Lenell and you know there needs to be a flashing light at the cross walk that is suppose to cover all that. A horrible place for a crosswalk but people will cross there so put up a light.

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