He’s in Violation Again


Several days after cutting a check for $188,000 for years of code violations for operating an illegal parking lot at 1661 Estero, the owner of the Key Estero Shops Carmine Naccarato was back in business charging for parking without the proper town permits.

The town did not wait long to start the code enforcement process on Nacarato again. On March 21st, certified letters went out to Naccarato notifying him he had 30 days to get into compliance or face more fines. However, he may be playing a game with the town, figuring he’s making so much money from his parking spaces that he considers the fines the cost of doing business.

The town has given Naccarato a free pass from fines until April 27th. If he does not have the proper permits to operate the parking lot by then, new fines can begin accruing. The Special Magistrate would then have to decide if the fines start at $250 per day or $500 per day (for a repeat violation).

When Naccarato paid his $188,000 fine the town ended their plans to foreclose on his property. The town had been fining for the illegal parking lot. Last month the town attorney said she was having a conference call with Naccarato’s attorneys to let them know they needed to get a special use permit in order to continue operating the lot. That phone call never took place and no reason was given to us why. The March 21st certified letter indicates Naccarato still does not have that permit.

At some point over the last few weeks, when Naccarato went right back to violating the code, the town put up notices of violation in his lot, which Naccarato promptly tore down. Code enforcement Officers have been instructed to put the signs back up and take pictures. The plan is to get Naccarato’s new case in front of the Special Magistrate in May.

Last month Town Councilman Scott Safford said Naccarato plays by his own rules and believes the other legitimate parking lots close by need to be protected.


  1. I ride the beach seeing many cars parked on empty owners lots. What is the town doing about that?
    If Naccaratto’s lot is full every day then it should be obvious it is needed. The town should grant the special yes permit and be grateful visitors have a place to park.

  2. Don’t we have better and more important issues to accomplish as a town. Let the town process play out. Have you ever heard the phrase “How many time do you get hit with a brick before it hurts?” He will eventually comply. Let’s move on.

  3. A picket line asking people to avoid this illegal parking lot, could be a fun way to reduce his daily profits. If it wasn’t for this FT Day job…picket lines can be a great American experience 😎 🇺🇸

  4. The town takes on expenses putting up physical barriers & probably exposes itself to a lawsuit. Fines for non compliance bring in dollars. Which is a smarter way for the town? I’ll wait.

  5. I was thinking chains across the entrances to the parking lot, but the boulders sound better. There aren’t any businesses in that building yet and probably won’t be when they see the barricades. So the only one loosing money is Carmine. Come on city, quit pussy footin around with this dude.

    • The town has already issued a new code violation; the guy just tears them down. And the town has no standing to block access with chains, boulders, etc.

      If you read Ed’s calculations, the guy is NOT losing money, even after paying the $188k code violation fine.

  6. Barricade the entrances with concrete barriers. Place them on town property. See what a judge would saw about his illegal business if he tries to sue. Then contact the IRS. It’s a cash business I am sure he is mot repointing all of it.

  7. What’s interesting is a lot of businesses would self regulate, commercial fisherman would never allow someone to come in poach or harvest without going thru the channels to become legal like they did! I guess that’s why the fines for conducting business are so high it actually deters the practice of even thinking about it. The part that makes it difficult to complain about is after they park they do spend money on the island and without it would the people who do follow the rules be hurt from the lack of revenue?

  8. If the city was serious about this parking lot, wouldn’t they put concrete bollards across his entrance to prevent “illegal ” parking ? I’m sure that would get his attention.

  9. How ridiculous does “illegal parking lot” sound? Hahahaha! Management of a place so bad just make it up as you go along, kinda like that show “True Blood” where we need a “Majester” (special magistrate) to come make visits and impose special fines just because.

    Well, can’t really complain, look at the government on the whole. Like a total clown show, bridges get destroyed, but let’s make the taxpayer pay for it while Maersk has insurance. It’s no wonder why people consider this a banana republic now. No wonder people don’t want to work or start businesses nowadays, what incentive is there? Only more revenuers when you’re trying to make a dollar.


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