Historic Society Hosting Free Event


The Estero Island Historic Society is hosting a free public meeting and presentation for members and friends on Monday, March 13th at 2:00 p.m. at DiamondHead Resort. Robert Macomber (pictrured) is the guest speaker.

Multi-award winning author, internationally acclaimed lecturer, and historian Robert N. Macomber will speak to the group and his topic will be: “Blood Money: The Caribbean’s Crucial Role in the U.S. Civil War.Blockade-runners, Confederate ocean raiders, U.S. Navy shipwrecks causing international incidents, and desperate preparations for the final naval battle of the Civil War are all part of the action. Macomber takes a fascinating look at the Caribbean’s role in the Civil War. From the war’s beginning to its tumultuous end, Spanish Cuba, the British Bahamas, French Mexico and the Danish West Indies were the scenes of fantastic profits, naval skullduggery, and political intrigue. Some famous tourist islands have a sinister history… You’ll hear all about it!

Parking is available behind Century 21 / Tri-Power Realty across the street from DiamondHead