Homeless Issue Not Addressed By Council


Several residents e-mailed in their concerns about the growing homeless problem on Fort Myers Beach. Mayor Ray Murphy chose not to read the letters into the record. At the same time the council was meeting, just a few blocks away, a homeless man asked a resident for $100. Here’s the video from that confrontation right outside the library.


  1. Let’s address the issue. This entire town council has accomplished nothing. It’s much easier to target residents and businesses than it it to address real issue. The drudgery of watching a council meeting where roger records himself to listen to later is almost at the point of nauseating. Instead of addressing real issues they just want to fine every person who visits, owns or runs a business.

  2. My letter which I requested the Council to read for public record but they declined……

    “To the Fort Myers Beach Town Council:
    I am curious what ordinances are on record regarding public urination and defecation, sleeping in public parks and on private property owned by individuals. How about public intoxication? We used to have a condo across from Newton Park. Drunk vagrants slept in the underneath garage area and in summer months when the 10 units were not occupied, they even set up a tent on occasion. We saw on security cameras, vagrants washing off in our pool. When we walked across the street to walk the beach in the morning, vagrants would be crawling out from under Seven Seas where they were sleeping. During the day, they were passed out on picnic tables making them unusable for decent people who had come to eat their picnic lunch or dinner. I had great compassion at a previous Town Council Meeting when the owner of the house next door to Newton Park, spoke of the violations and lawlessness they have to deal with.

    Little did we know when we built our house on San Carlos Island, that we would not have that lawlessness to deal with anymore. No stolen bikes, no vagrants entering our properties or sleeping out in the open. No drunks to hassle us. It is always an eyeopener when I come back over the bridge heading south, seeing vagrants sleeping on public benches while people are standing by waiting at the bus stops. I don’t miss having to deal with that every day.

    I don’t have the answer, but enabling the homeless who are island vagrants, is not the answer.”

  3. I am afraid to walk alone on Estero after the sun begins to set. I have not seen an actual sunset for over a year because of the homeless/transient intoxicated or mentally ill growing population. I do not allow my 19 year old daughter to walk alone any time of the day. This problem will slap us in the face literally and in our pocket books if something is not done. So I guess council thinks spying on good businesses and gauging decimals of live music is the answer to our indigent population. It’s a travesty. Period.

  4. Just spent 3-weeks enjoying FMB. However, as senior citizen widows we were uncomfortable a couple of times. One homeless man approached us at The Doghouse (he appeared to be intoxicated or on something). He wanted to pray over us then decided to sit in a chair at our table. Very thankful for the employee at The Doghouse for making him move along. But, he didn’t go without causing a scene – flipping the bird, dropping the F bomb and crossing the road not in a crosswalk. Love FMB, but highly recommend the council address this issue before it effects tourism.

  5. These people have been at this tram stop at least 2 weeks! Isn’t there a loitering or vagrancy law? The homeless and rat problem are the same: food source. This guy is confrontational and potentially dangerous. We DO NOT need another LeRoy incident! Wake up “elected officials” and LCSO! There ARE trespassing laws somewhere. – dig them out!

  6. When are the people that run this town going to actually Do something about the homeless problem that is multiplying every day!?
    I guess it’s easy for them to put blinders on and only address the issues that they are interested in. Truly SAD!
    And they should be ashamed of themselves!

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