How The Town is Removing The Dead Fish


You’ve seen all the pictures on our Facebook page. The red tide is wreaking havoc on the fish off Fort Myers Beach and keeping some visitors away who would rather not deal with the unpleasant smell. Here’s how the town is dealing with yet another gut punch.

Since last week, town staff have been working on the beach every day to remove the dead fish that are now washing up on the beach daily.

The town received a permit on February 27th from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to use heavier equipment to remove the fish. The heavy equipment will help town staff remove the dead fish quicker.

The town has dumpsters near town hall which is where the dead fish are taken. More dumpsters may be brought in and strategically placed around the island to make the removal of the dead fish  more efficient.

Last week, the Lee County Health Department reported that the Gulf waters around Lynn Hall Memorial Park near Times Square on Fort Myers Beach had been tested and found to have “alert levels” of Red Tide.

You can learn more about Red Tide HERE


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