How to Get Your New Hurricane Re-Entry Pass


To get your new hurricane pass you can go to the temporary Town Hall at 2545 Estero Boulevard, M-F from 8:30AM to 4:30PM. You’ll need to bring proof you’re a resident or business owner.

One form of identification that confirms status as a resident, property owner, or business owner needs to be produced before a pass can be issued. Identification can include driver’s license (if it shows a beach address), utility bill, deed, rental agreement or mortgage statement, or tax records.

If you are out of town, email with pictures or files of the document that shows eligibility. Please include the address that the Town should use to mail passes.

Anyone who lives in the town, owns property in the town, or owns or manages a business in the town is eligible to receive two hurricane re-entry passes. Everyone who is eligible must secure new passes. Prior year passes will not be honored.


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  1. What a JOKE! NO ONE looked at passes after IAN and sitting in traffic for 3 hours was the norm. You can’t tell me that all those cars were residents trying to get on the island. If you put it in place then ENFORCE it! Town leadership needs a backbone

  2. Year after year I kept up on my hurricane passes. I took them with me when I left for hurricane Ian so I could get back on the island.
    What’s the point if nobody is at the bridge checking passes.
    If you’re going to run for a seat on the town’s government, then stand up and secure the island instead of whining

  3. While I applaud the Town for making an effort to improve the process, what they are proposing is going to hurt or possibly kill more people. By announcing that they will keep the island closed to residents, they will inadvertently cause more people to stay when they should evacuate – it’s the reason a lot of people stayed during Ian because they had memories of Charlie and not being able to get back to their homes. There are ways to get USARs and the residents to have simultaneous access, and the Town urgently needs to look at avenues to accomplish that goal ASAP.

  4. Will passes be used in the event of another disaster? After Ian everyone was allowed to enter without a pass and it was frustrating in the beginning to say the least. Trying to get across the bridge to assess damage and emotionally recover with hundreds of onlookers was not pleasant.

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