How You Can Help Island Cow Employees


As you probably know by now The Island Cow restaurant on Sanibel was destroyed in an early morning fire this past Sunday. As owners Brian & Elke Podlasek work through the process of rebuilding their popular restaurant, they have set up a fundraiser for their employees. Their goal is $250,000.

The fundraiser is set up through a local nonprofit called Put It On Pete’s Tab, Inc. which exists to support people in the hospitality industry who are struggling. 100% of funds raised will go directly to employees of The Island Cow, who are now all unemployed.
Brian and Elke are matching every donation made to the fund up to $10,000.
Here’s how you can help:
Visit this website:
Venmo: @PutItOnPetesTab

Mail a check payable to:
Put It On Pete’s Tab, Inc.
P.O. Box 150911
Cape Coral, FL 33915
Include #HelpTheHerd in the memo



  1. What does that matter Judy? It’s about helping someone that’s lost everything. You ever deal with insurance companies? Yea they are always willing to just hurry up and hand over money for sure. I hope you never experience what these folks are going through. What if it was your home, your workplace, your life. Wouldn’t you want some compassionate people to be there for support?

  2. This business should have had LOSS OF INCOME Coverage. It’s a Must Have Coverage for any Business! Didn’t they have it???

  3. How about we hire some of their staff.
    Until they are rebuilt 10 to 12 months from now.
    Seems like a legit offer and we are not head hunting staff.
    Any Island Cow staff interested in employment at Pete’s Time Out
    Please message us on our Facebook page or email or website


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