If You See Something – Call It In


Anyone cruising around Facebook the last few days would have a hard time missing photos being posted about dead fish washing up on Fort Myers Beach due to Red Tide. FWC has a hotline set up for anyone to call toll free to report dead and/or diseased fish.

This information helps the Fish and Wildlife Health group, the research arm of the FWC, respond appropriately as they study the reasons behind these events. https://myfwc.com/research/saltwater/health/fish-kills-hotline/role/

FWH staff study naturally occurring causes of fish kills, such as algal blooms, low dissolved oxygen, and low dissolved oxygen caused by algal blooms. In addition, FWH staff study diseases in wild fish populations related to water quality conditions, such as salinity and pH.

If you see any of the following incidents:
1.A mortality event such as a fish kill, dead horseshoe crabs, or a sponge die-off.
2. A disease condition such as fish with lesions or tumors.
3.A harmful algal bloom or discolored water.
4. A species, such as green mussels, that you think may be an invasive species in the aquatic environment.

You can help by calling 800-636-0511 or submit a report online HERE.

When you call be prepared to leave a brief message about the event you’re reporting.
State the location and the type and number of fish involved. Include a mailing address and a phone number or e-mail address so Fish and Wildlife Health staff can call back if they need more information.

There is also an app which is particularly useful when reporting a fish kill on-site; the app automatically provides accurate coordinates and prompts you to provide important information like water discoloration, species affected and other environmental conditions, as well as allow you to submit photos FWC Reporter app is available for Apple as well as Android phones in the app store or Google play.

Picture courtesy Nancy Kamons, who posted it to Facebook on the South End Fort Myers Facebook Page.


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