Is Chief Love Taking a Job in Minnesota?


Speculation is that Fort Myers Beach Fire Chief Matt Love may be taking the job as Fire Chief in St. Could Minnesota. The St. Cloud Fire Department is now being run, on an interim basis, by a former St. Cloud Fire Chief Bill Mund. The city has been looking for a new chief since Dean Wrobbel retired from the job back in January.

The St. Cloud fire department has 70 firefighters. St. Cloud is a community of about 68,000. The Fort Myers Beach Fire Department has and Fort Myers Beach has an off-season population of about 7,000. During season that population jumps to about 40,000, according to the Fire Department website.

St. Cloud is 914 miles from Colorado Springs, where Love is from. It’s also 1,800 miles away from Fort Myers Beach.

Love recently informed the Fire District Board he would be leaving his position after serving as Fire Chief since 2016.

Chief Love holds a Master of Science Degree in Leadership with an Emphasis in Disaster Preparedness. Right now to become Fire Chief on Fort Myers Beach you must hold a Masters degree. At least one Fire District Board Member wants the board to consider dropping that requirement.

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