Is Fort Myers Beach Ready for a Parade?


Town councilwoman Karen Woodson believes beach residents are ready and she’s asked Bay Oaks Director Jeff Hague to look into the logistics and cost of a 4th of July parade on Estero Boulevard.

As of this week, portions of the sidewalk and bike lanes on Estero Boulevard are filled with construction debris and there is no plan to remove it. Lee County owns Estero Boulevard and has said the debris now sitting on the sidewalks and in the bike lanes should not have been pushed to the right-of-way after the FEMA deadline and is now the responsibility of the homeowner or contractor to go back and remove. Of course it may all be gone by July, which is still several months away.

You can share your thoughts about whether Fort Myers Beach is ready for a parade with councilwoman Woodson by sending her an e-mail at


  1. A parade? Really?
    In the midst so much disaster and homelessness let’s interrupt all the contractors and homeowners trying to hurry thru the business of clearing and rebuilding by shutting down Estero Blvd.
    Forget the already overwhelmed town treasury by subtracting more for parade insurance and additional police presence and invite half of Southwest Florida to pile across those bridges to add to the litter, noise and interference with residents working to get their lives back.
    How much more irresponsible can a public servant get.

  2. What a great idea!!! Have town staff plan a parade. Sure would help take the pressure off the code and permit Depts. we could have the streets lined with visitors celebrating the destruction of the Island. Let’s get started.

  3. To put it simply NO WAY…
    Garbage and wrecked homes line the streets with no end in sight. The news cycle has forgotten about FMB, the State, the Feds, Fema, and the county have abandoned us. Government won’t be helpful until large developers aka Large donors buy up more property!

  4. Well, before I found out about the issue of the lack of debris pickup on Estero Blvd I would have said Ready, Set, Let’s Go! Now I think it would be more like Ready, Set , Let’s Go To Court for a few personal injury claims. So no until that debris is handled.


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