Is The Town Charging For Parking?


Many of the parking meter signs that were destroyed during Hurricane Ian are being replaced by the town, however, it’s been unclear if the town has been charging for parking. Until now…

Fort Myers Beach Mayor Dan Allers says the town takes in about $2 million in revenue annually from parking and every dollar counts

On episode #1 of Monday’s With The Mayor, Allers asked residents to pay for parking if they can. The town will not be ticketing drivers who do not pay but he’s asking people to pay if they can.

The town uses The Passport Parking App to collect parking fees. Before the storm, the cost to park in a town spot was $5.00 per hour with a $30 ticket issued for going over your time. Parking spaces on Old San Carlos, Center Street, 5th Street, Waistina Way and on Estero Boulevard near Times Square are typically limited to two hours. There is no time limit for parking under the Matanzas Pass Bridge. Lynn Hall Park and Bowdich Beach Park are both owned by Lee County and are both closed.

The last time the parking page on the town’s website was updated was September 27th, one day before the storm. When enforcement of the parking regulations tightens, we will pass that along to you.

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