Island Hopper A HUGE Success


After one year off due to COVID, The Island Hopper Songwriter Fest returned this year with 78 songwriters performing over 10 days. The event culminated with Nashville Superstar Jimmy Allen performing at The Pink Shell on Fort Myers Beach Sunday night.

Lee County Vistor & Convention Bureau Product Development Manager Nancy Macphee says the event continues to have a great impact stimulating the local economy. “During what is normally the slowest time of year. We welcomed 78 songwriters over the course of 10 days, all very appreciative of the generosity shown to them by our hospitality partners and festival attendees. Many of them tell us Island Hopper is their favorite festival to play due to the laid back vibe, beauty of our area and the kindness shown to them by festival staff and attendees. We know in some cases, visiting our area has inspired the writing of new songs.”

Jimmy Allen performing at The Pink Shell

The event begins in Captiva on the first weekend, moves to downtown Fort Myers during the week and concludes on Fort Myers Beach with performances at Nervous Nellie’s, Cabanas, Matanzas, Pierside Grill, The Pink Shell and Yukatan.

Macphee says while the numbers are still being calculated she estimates that about 14,000 people attended the performances this year. The VCB also randomly surveys attendees and from about 350 responses learned that:

· 95% of them said the festival was AWESOME!
· 30% surveyed were local, meaning 70% traveled into the destination! (the latter the mission of the VCB)
· 50% of those surveyed booked a hotel room (half of them booked 4+ nights)
· 40% were baby boomers

It’s also important to note that tourist tax revenue has increased by 22% for the month of September from 2014-2019.

The VCB is in the process of surveying businesses that hosted performances and posted hotel deals and expect a final report to be done later this month which we will be shared with the TDC.

The dates for 2022 have alread been set for September 16th through the 25th. Get all the details HERE.


  1. Love this event! Using Bay Side Park was a great move, allowed people to spread out, many brought their own chairs. The organizers did a wonderful job and put together talented, enjoyable performers.

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