It Was a Cat 5 On The Water

On Monday, the National Hurricane Center released its report on Hurricane Ian. One of the more noteworthy items from the report is the upgrade of the maximum intensity to a Category 5 (160 mph) before landfall. The landfall intensity in SW Florida is maintained as a Category 4 (155 mph).
Also in the report, Ian was responsible for at least 156 fatalities, 66 of which were considered deaths, 8 directly caused by the storm. All direct deaths occurred in Florida. Storm surge was the deadliest hazard, claiming 41 lives, with 36 of the 41 surge fatalities occurring in Lee County.
There were 12 direct fatalities attributed to freshwater flooding in central and eastern Florida, 8 were categorized as marine fatalities, 4 were related to wind, and 1 was due to rough surf.

Read the entire 72 page report HERE.