It’s About The Beauty of The Beach


Our guests on the Friday night Happy Hour Show are Bill Perry from Pill Perry’s Beach Service and Chadd Chutz, The town’s Environmental Projects Manager.

Our topic for the full hour will be how Bill and Chad are restoring the beach to its original beauty following Hurricane Ian.

We go live from Mango Rita’s on 41 at 5PM. We’ll have plenty of Beach Talk Radio merchandise on hand for sale


  1. We understand how anxious non-FMB residents are to get our island, including the beaches, back to normal, we all are. Unfortunately, FMB residents don’t have time to spend at the beach, we’re still cleaning debris on our properties or trying to rebuild our homes. With that said, I’m wondering the following: First, Why isn’t more being done to hold property owners accountable for their clean-up? There are several properties with rotting food outside, attracting rodents, that have not been touched yet (7-Eleven at Driftwood and the yellow condo across the street from 7-11at the end of the canal are examples). Next, Why aren’t the canals getting more attention than the beach? These are also filled with rotting debris that will eventually make its way to the beaches. The canals are so smelly and the weather isn’t even hot yet. Clean beaches aren’t going to matter if the stench from the rotting canals help create red-tide that makes its way to the gulf. What about bike lanes and sidewalks? If we do happen to have time to take a walk to the beach, we can’t take our dog because the sides of the road and sidewalks are still too filled with debris to walk him that far. Finally, why so much time spent on the beaches with all of the above still needing to be addressed? We understand, from a non-resident’s view, that the beaches are a priority. But, from a resident’s point of view, there are many other priorities as well….not just the beach.


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