It’s Groundhog Day For Roger


Despite the public being told, at the last council meeting, that there will be a June 7th performance review of embattled Fort Myers Beach Town Manager, he’ll go another six weeks without one. This make-things-up-as-you-go folly doesn’t happen in well run government operations.

When the highest paid taxpayer funded employee has a stipulation in his contract that a yearly performance review needs to be done between February 1 and May 31, serious elected officials understand what that means. They understand the taxpayers deserve to know whether their hard earned money is being well spent or whether their money is being wasted. For some reason that does not compute with this town council.

It’s the responsibility of the Mayor and the Town Manager to set the agenda. And they both failed to give the taxpayers what they rightly deserve, by contract. On top of that failure, the town attorney didn’t bring the issue up at any of the public meetings during that time frame.

Apparently Hernstadt needs 6 weeks to respond to or prepare for whatever feedback he’s been given by council members during private meetings. The contract states the town manager is to be given “an adequate opportunity to discuss his evaluation with the councilor in private.”

Hernstadt’s contract runs through 2024 after the Tracey Gore town council rammed through a raise and extended his contract by 3 years to the surprise of everyone watching.


  1. Well, that’s how a banana republic is operated. Why would anything thing else be expected?

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