It’s Time To Reward Beach Employees


The Lee County Visitors and Conventions Bureau is accepting nominations for their E Awards. The awards recognize service professionals who’ve made your experience more rewarding because of their outstanding service. And this year they’ve added a Hurricane Hero Award.

Nominations could include professionals from any industry: taxi drivers, housekeeping staff, cashiers, police officers, airline agents, nurses, reservationists, front desk agents, and countless others – if their service made you feel good about being in Lee County, make the nomination.

This year a category was added for a Hurricane Hero.

This is the 23rd year for the awards. Nominations must be submitted by July 14th.

The nominees will be celebrated Thursday, August 24th from 8:00am to 11:00am at The Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village.



  1. Hi there ..remember me I’m the girl from Michigan who came with the coney dogs and hooked up with Jimmy Finch and his ribs ..we have served your community in 3 different location for 7 month , neither of us live in Florida ..I’m throwing myself and him in this nomination, so if it’s a voteing thing please vote for us , we would love to come back and see everyone !!


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