Keep Lee County Beautiful Needs Your Help


Keep Lee County Beautiful needs the community to participate in their annual Community Appearance Index (Litter Index). This index allows KLCB to monitor levels of litter and debris to better guide in cleaning specific locations. The results provide metrics that help determine the impact of litter on the quality of life in the community. They also help set goals and develop effective community improvement education programs and projects.

KLCB’s Community Appearance Index is a tool for tracking litter prevention and education efforts. With scores that change over time and between locations, this index allows KLCB to identify problem areas and deploy Adopt-A-Road and other groups to specific spots. It helps them to effectively map out litter prevention and education efforts and ensure that resources are being used in the most impactful way possible.

The audit will keep “litter” scores of Lee County communities which are then complied into a report and sent to Keep America Beautiful to be added to the national database.

Keep Lee County Beautiful needs volunteers from various areas in the community to help with this endeavor. By participating in the audit, you can help them maintain a clean environment in Lee County.

GO HERE for more information on how to get involved.




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