La Ola, Others Just Waiting For Power


And FPL is expected to install underground power lines this week in the Times Square area, the next step in the saga of the La Ola food containers. All the businesses that are ready to open – or are already open – like the H20 t-shirt shop are waiting for power.

On Monday FPL contractors from Pike Construction were seen in Lee County’s Crescent Park working on electrical poles but none of the Times Square pavers were torn up as of 3PM. Once FPL starts the work in Times Square it’s expected to take a week to complete.

The Times Square area has been without power since September 28th when Hurricane Ian demolished the entire block of buildings. The town was actually gearing up for a mult-million Times Square redesign before the storm hit.

La Ola owner Thomas Houghton has been trying to open two temporary containers in Times Square, which would include a full bar. FEMA has been giving Houghton a hard time about having the containers in a high velocity zone. With the help of the Allen Development Group, wheels were installed on the containers so the containers could be evacuated quickly from the island in the event of a storm.

The next challenge for Houghton, after the power is turned on, is whether he’ll be able to sell alcohol now that his structure is on wheels. Would the Acohol Beverage Control board consider it a mobile bar and deny him the permit he needs to sell alcohol.


  1. Interesting how FPL, wouldn’t do any “storm” related work, unless they were paid upfront and that the project would take weeks or months to complete. Yet, after a bit of bad publicity, all that changed.


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