Learn About The Bobcats


CROW continues its virtual speaker series Tuesday March 23rd with “Bobcat Spatial Ecology on Everglades Tree Islands” by Katherine Buckman a Graduate Student at Florida Atlantic University.

Buckman received her BS in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation from the University of Florida in 2019. Her current research interests are in invasive ecology, mammalogy, ecosystem restoration, and Everglades/wetland restoration.

Katherine will discuss a recent research study using data collected from 2005 – 2019 via game cameras. The area of focus for her study is on improving the understanding of mammalian use of tree islands in the Everglades, specifically Bobcats. This presentation will provide insight into how terrestrial mammals respond to changing water levels and why we should conserve these critical habitat areas.

“Tree islands are patches of relatively high and dry ground typically a yard or two high sprinkled throughout the marshes of the Everglades. They serve as havens of life, highly valued hotspots of diversity that provide nesting sites for alligators and refuges for birds, panthers and other wildlife avoiding high waters.

This virtual March 23rd event will begin at 4 PM and last approximately an hour. The zoom event is limited to 100 attendees. There is a $10 plus taxes/fees per device. You can register for this interesting event at www.CROWClinic.org or CROW’s Facebook page under the “Events” tab.

Crow presents these discussions January- April to educate and entertain participants about a variety of conservation issues. You can find additional information about other upcoming speakers HERE.