Learn About The Lionfish


The CROW weekly Virtual Speaker Series continues this Tuesday with “Citizen Science & Invasive Lionfish Removal” by Madalyn Mussey, Education & Outreach Program Manager for Reef Environmental Education Foundation (pictured here).

More than 37 non-native marine fish have been documented in Florida coastal waters, most believed to be released aquarium pets. Invasive lionfish, first sighted in Florida in 1985, are the only one of these species to have become established and are now causing severe problems throughout the western Atlantic, Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Learn about the threats invasive marine fish pose to their non-native environments and what is being done to combat one of the most infamous invasive fish species.

Virtual Speaker Series programs begin at 4:00pm and run about an hour. The talks are presented on Zoom and limited to 100 people so advanced registration is required. Admission per device is $10. Register HERE.