Everything You Need to Know About Beach Renourishment


Coastal Engineering Consultant President Michael Poff joined us for the full hour on Episode #11 of Mondays With The Mayor last night. Poff is the point person for everything that has to do with tens of millions of dollars worth of beach renourishment on Fort Myers Beach.

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Get more information about both renourishment projects on Fort Myers Beach HERE.


  1. Fort Myers Beach is not eroding and it never has. There are markers placed down the middle of the island the entire island since 1929 and when measured by the county and the town it shows that we’ve been accreting for years this island has tripled in size over the last 150 years I now have over 400 ft of extra beach in front of my house just in the last 15 years due to all the dumping of sand that the town has been doing illegally and during turtle season for which they put us in the dark for 6 months even though it’s junk science too read the report, this is all about money all about the money all about $$$ it will completely ruin this beach and there’s never been a berm system on this entire island this is an absolute joke that should never happen and everybody’s just playing along as if these are experts this beach is not eroding I’ve talked to the head of DEP and he says Fort Myers Beach is not an a eroding island it’s all about the money and everybody’s looking the other way even this talk radio station ask the real questions get the real facts but you won’t from the town and it’s experts they’re trying to skew it the other way steal people’s property rights why don’t they ask for a license instead of an easement wanted to give back credit for taxes being paid on land that can’t be used there’s so many other solutions but this is the game control and get the money we beat this 12 years ago and will beat it again it’s all based on lies this is going to be the biggest natural disaster since the hurricane probably bigger in the long run.

  2. Is there a way to take sand from the very SOUTH end and redistribute it? We’d buy down there if the water were much closer and not such a big field of sand to walk across!

  3. Please ask him if the engineering drawings are accurate. Because they stop short of the south end of Fort Myers Beach. In particular in the 8500 block on Estero Blvd.


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