We’re Broadcasting The Moss Marina Meeting Live


The developers proposing 3 hotels, restaurants, a small grocery store and more at the Moss Marina location are hosting a public presentation Monday from 6-8PM at The Pink Shell. Beach Talk Radio will carry the presentation portion of the event live.

Get more information about what they have planned HERE.

Watch our interview with Ben Freeland, the owner of Moss Marina, about the planned development HERE.


  1. All I know is I don’t want anymore interference with my view coming over the bridge to the beach!!!! I’m all for progress but Margaritaville took away the view to the left when you used to be able to see a full view of the gulf.

  2. We lost so many hotel rooms after Hurricane Ian. This will replace a fraction of those rooms. Something about a shout-out to our historic Arches facing Matanzas Pass feels so right. I think it is brilliant marketing and it’s something in the historic part of town that highlights our history. Bring on the Arches.


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