County Hikes Utility Rates By 8% For The Next 5 Years


The Lee County Board of County Commissioners has approved a 5-year eight percent increase on water, sewer, and utility services. The Town of Fort Myers Beach is supplied water by Lee County Utilities and the sewer system on Fort Myers Beach is owned by Lee County.

Each of the next five years, starting in 2023, your rates will increase by 8%. According to Lee County, based on the average residential household usage of 5,000 gallons of water per month, the estimated monthly average bill for water and sewer services will increase as follows:

Lee County says rate increases are necessary to keep pace with Lee County’s anticipated population growth with capital improvement projects and to restore the Fort Myers Beach Advanced Water Reclamation Facility following Hurricane Ian. Lee County Utilities aggregate Capital Improvement Program and major maintenance is $785 million during the next 10 years.

The increases will be effective immediately in two increments:
– The sewer increase will be reflected on the July billing statement from the Town.
– All other increases will be reflected on the August billing statement from the Town.

Read the Lee County ordinance HERE.


  1. This past month my water meter read zero gallons used and verified by a town employee. My monthly charge from the town was $80. (Admin fees?) With no water usage (verified by the town). That is more than the average bill listed in the county report within this article. Oddly enough, I am living and using water at my residence.

  2. Received letter from FMB saying I have code violation. I need a permit for tearing down our house. Ian took our house. Only cement slab left. Permit is $485 which is highway robbery. Truely believe FMB is shooting themselves in the foot. Still receive water bill every month and now they want us to buy permit

  3. This is actually a 68% increase because each year 8% is added on top of the 8% of the previous increase. Using their figures $78.64 x 40% (5years at 8% per year) would be $110.10 not $115.81

  4. GREED….there is so much of it going on now, from the prices landlords charged people that lost their homes, to the sale price of homes etc etc…sad to see and hear, this was not the way years ago. Remember, what goes around….

  5. This increase does not take into account the tremendous financial impact that Hurricane Ian has taken on the existing residents of Fort Myers Beach.

    A blatant disregard of our plight.

  6. I have sent two emails requesting a refund of a portion of the water bill for oct – dec……following their rules to request the refund. Absolutely no response…..well it’s only been 7 months……

  7. So – it’s really an ~ 32% rate increase over 5 years. Government always has it’s hand out and gives 2 shits about you and your family. Their excuse for the increase is asinine – to cover growth?? Wouldn’t more people paying into the system cover the growth? Hurricane Ian is just an excuse. No reason to be frugal, they just go right back to your pockets to take any excess they need.

  8. I have attempted to contact the town of FMB over my water bill and cannot reach anyone by phone or email. I received a bill for $80 while showing zero (0) usage and a huge bill the following month. It’s the 2nd time in 3 months this has happened.

    • The town is going to have a huge potential liability on its hands with all the water/sewer overcharges. They avoid offering refunds at all costs for people who couldn’t reach them to close their account. And they only charge sewer for those who have an account. New property owners without service do not pay for sewer.
      They won’t issue refunds- just credits. Multiply all the property owners together and it becomes a large sum they owe.


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