Lee County Reduces Taxes


For the second year in a row, the Lee County Board of Commissioners has reduced the millage rate. Tuesday night Commissioners held their second budget public hearing and voted to reduce the millage rate from 3.8623 per $1,000 of assessed property value to 3.7623.

The final budget is $2.65 billion and includes a 5% pay increase for all Lee County employees. Property values did increase over 18% in the county so there will be additional revenue generated from the higher home values.

There are 850,000 residents in Lee County. Nobody from the public objected to the budget during the public hearing.

Read the Lee County budget HERE.


  1. Amen Eric. Difference is the county knows how to balance a checkbook and how to run a town. Not so much here. Should have never incorporated. Biggest mistake made as they weren’t ready and still aren’t ready as they follow the same missteps set forward years ago. Will take a massive overhaul to dig out.


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