Lenell Light Approved by Lee County


Back on May 2nd, we reported that councilman Dan Allers, and others, were pursuing what it would take to get a flashing light installed at the Lenell Road crosswalk on Estero Boulevard. This week Lee County Commissioners approved $50,000 to install the light.

Allers heard from residents and businesses in the area about how dangerous the intersection had become since the Estero Boulevard road construction was completed. This week, Lee County Commissioner Ray Sandelli brought the item before the full board and it was unanimously approved. Sandelli said the flashing light, with pedestrian crossing buttons, adds a level of safety to the area and is also beneficial to the fire department, which has a station about 100 yards from the intersection. The fire department will be able to control the light when they need to get out onto Estero Boulevard on their way to an emergency call.
Yvonne Lambert lives across from the intersection and was instrumental in getting the intersection in front of decision-makers. “I truly appreciate the efforts of our officials working together to improve the safety at the crosswalk on Estero Blvd and Lenell Road. I’m confident it will benefit both residents and businesses in the area.”

Public Safety Committee Chair Dawn Thomas. “The Public Safety Committee received numerous emails from residents near the Lenell crosswalk area who were concerned for their safety when crossing Estero Boulevard. We worked with both FMB Fire and Councilman Allers and kept an open line of communication with Commissioner Sandelli. We want to thank Commissioner Sandelli, as well as, Fort Myers Beach Fire Chief Martin and Councilman Allers for listening and taking action for the residents.”

Councilman Dan Allers: “Through the collaborative work of the Public Safety Committee, LCSO, Town staff, the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department and Commissioner Sandelli a much needed public safety device will be installed at the intersection of Estero Boulevard and Lenell Road. I believe public safety is the most important job of any elected official. This is just another step in making the island safer for our residents and all of Lee County visitors.”

At one point in time this crosswalk was so busy that the town allocated money to pay a crossing guard to stop traffic and help people cross. Unfortunately, the crossing guard quit after being hit by a car. The light could be installed within the next 4 months.


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